About us

“Isn’t it strange….”

“That we first bring our fixtures up to heights we cannot reach, and then we, ourselves, have a problem aiming them correctly. We do control our lights remotely via DMX but we cannot control its position. Very strange….”

This was back in 1990 when Sven Sauër – he worked with me as my best-boy on one of my first feature films – asked me this question.

Erno Das (Gaffer, The Netherlands)

First prototypes.

After this question years went by and, finally, in 2003 I made the first prototypes of a mover for film lights. Even though they were made with battery-drill motors, it proved that the principle worked. Together with my team we started using them on the former LTM 18K’s.

Funny detail was that the remote control came from a radio controller of a toy racecar.

The solution.

It was nice that we now had a solution to the once mentioned problem, but more and more new fixtures came to our rental house. ARRI, Filmgear, K5600 and so on. Of course, we would love to control them all! My new goal was to build a light mover that could connect to all these fixtures.
Another 10 years went by – I was working mainly as a gaffer – before the new Litemover came out. They were not perfect but good working prototypes, now with the first new adapters to connect to more than just the LTM 18K.

It was a completely new approach, clamping-on to the fixtures in different places, all to become as versatile as possible.

Brand new motor-controller.

And yes, again, years went by….

But suddenly, because of covid, I had more than enough time to start all over again. With more and more fixtures able to control wireless, I really missed the wireless option in the Litemover. So now, with the help of others, I have a brand new motor-controller, specially made for the Litemover, with DMX and CRMX implemented.

The Litemover is ready.

Finally, the Litemover is ready. More than 30 years after Sven asked me the question, the product is now complete.

“Isn’t it strange….” (that it took so long…. my wife always told me to do so)